Our mission is to alleviate extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through education and youth empowerment.

We invite you to join our effort to achieve it.

What We're Doing

Centro Educación Basica Urbana Mixta John F. Kennedy in Santa Rita, Honduras.

This past year we supported the construction of Centro Educativo Pre Básico Yamileth Portillo in Mezapa. When classes first began in this community, they started under a tree. Over 50 years ago, the community came together to build a school with two classrooms separated by cardboard. As of 2023, Yamileth Portillo is fully funded!

You can click the button below to donate to other school projects started by One Thousand Schools. Your support enables us to fund schools and help drive real, sustainable change in Honduras.  

Our Goal

Overall, it takes $35,000 to completely fund a school.

The thermometer on the left shows how much has been raised by our chapter this semester. The thermometer on the right shows how much progress One Thousand Schools has collectively raised.